Horse, a Vigorous Gallop
2013.12.18 ~ 2014.02.17 / Special ExhibitionⅡ

Horse, a Vigorous Gallop
A Special 2014 Exhibition


The twelve-year animal cycle exits in our culture from birth to death. The seventh period in the cycle is called the horse. The horse plays an important role throughout our lives because its special companionship with man.

Through the training of wild horses, they have been used for food and for transportation. They are also considered the guides of spirits and as messengers of God.

The horse also has a temporal or time-meaning in the hours between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., and it stands for the direction of south in a geographical sense and as a guard of the human spirit.

Although the older, traditional role of the horse as a source for food and a key means of transportation has almost disappeared in modern times, those meanings still exist in the realm of folklore and symbolism. "The Horse: A Driving Force" presents the story of the special companionship between humans and horses in our lives, both in the past and at present.

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