Welcome to the National Folk Museum of Korea website.

The National Folk Museum of Korea is a museum that represents daily life and culture of Korea and is visited by more than two million people every year. We provide educational and cultural opportunities to better understand and experience the traditional Korean lifestyle. Since its establishment in 1946, the National Museum of Anthropology has primarily investigated and researched Korean folk culture, while having has acquired, preserved, and exhibited Korean folk cultural artifacts. Over the years, we have held permanent and special exhibitions, published reports, while also having conducted lectures and other public education programs. Now, in keeping with the paradigm for museums in the 21st century that require them to be more responsive to the public and take an open and specialized approach, we are striving to expand our visitor base and reach out to visitors more effectively.

A museum that interacts with the world

We will continually build a creative, cultural space that promotes mutual communication and understanding with the world through the execution of our fundamental roles in the integration of culture with technology (Culture Technology), education with entertainment (Edutainment), global culture with local culture (Globalism), and the natural environment with the museum (Eco-Museum). In order for us to accomplish the visions above, we will be pursuing a wide range of tasks, including theme-oriented exhibitions, the establishment of a museum network to promote cross-cultural understanding and cooperation throughout the world, the transformation of the museum into a lifelong learning place featuring creative research, exhibitions, and education, and an establishment of an information center to preserve and pass down the traditional, modern, and contemporary lifestyles of Koreans. Accordingly, you now acquire realistic experiences offered through various offline programs, while also go through virtual experiences through the online cyber museum programs of the National Folk Museum of Korea. Our ultimate goal is to transform the National Folk Museum of Korea into a more creative cultural venue that you have been looking for. We will continue to put forth our utmost efforts into becoming an open museum that interacts and communicates with the entire world. We look forward to your interest and support.