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Title Sacred Tiger
Period April 6, 2022 ~ August 9, 2022
Venue Special Exhibition Ⅱ, NFMK Seoul

Poster- Land of Tigers

Greeting 2022, the year of the tiger, the Sacred Tiger sets off in a grand procession through immersive and realistic digital art.
We now invite you to meet the tiger as a mountain god who rules the mountains and protects people by chasing away evil spirits in this vivid and impressive exhibition.

Exhibition Information

Part 1. Immersive experience (5 min.)
Watch the tiger in action in this realistic, immersive video.

Part 2. Interactive activities (5 min.)
Search for tigers on a wedding day.

- Program Run Time: 10 min. (5 min. for the video screening, 5 min. for the interactive activities)
- The program starts every 15 minutes, at the 00, 15, 30, and 45 of every hour.

Date 2022-04-06
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이전글 Land of Tigers
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