Planning & Management Division

  • Responsible for security and management of government seals and marks.
  • Plans, coordinates, evaluates, and analyzes major projects and activities.
  • Sends, receives, manages, publishes, and preserves documents.
  • Maintains and protects the museum building and facilities.
  • Responsible for budgeting, accounting, and settlement.
  • Manages personnel management issues, including appointments, service, training, pensions, and wages of public servants.
  • Manages the computerization systems and the website of the museum.

Cultural Exchange & Education Division

  • Operates and manages the folklore video room.
  • Handles publicity and international exchange related tasks.
  • Manages volunteers.
  • Develops and runs folklore and cultural educational programs.
  • Holds traditional folklore events and performances.
  • Develops and propagates educational programs from the museum on folk culture.

Exhibition Division

  • Operation and management of the permanent exhibitions.
  • Establishes Korean galleries at foreign museums.
  • Organizes special exhibitions.
  • Fortification of the contents of the permanent exhibitions in the museum.
  • Management and fortification of the outdoor exhibitions in the museum.
  • Studies and researches excellent exhibition techniques at museums at home and abroad.

Research Division

  • Investigates and researches traditional Korean folklife.
  • Publishes reports and research papers on Korean folklife.
  • Researches on finding the roots of traditional cultures.
  • Hosts and manages wide range of academic seminars.
  • Projects related to facilitation of traditional seasonal customs.

Collection Management Division

  • Collects, acquires, and manages collections.
  • Handles donations and loans of artifacts.
  • Preservation of collections.
  • Plans and identifies cultural contents, and develops cultural products.
  • Publishes literature on the museum collection.
  • Manages the operation of Folklore Archives.

Children’s Museum Division

  • Establishment and execution of fundamental plans for exhibitions and exchange activities related to children.
  • Management and operation of permanent exhibitions and special exhibition halls of the Children’s Folklore Hall.
  • Management and operation of the outdoor experience ground for children.
  • Issues on special exhibitions and exchange exhibitions related to children.
  • Issues on overseas exhibitions and exhibitions of overseas cultural assets in Korea related to children.
  • Issues regarding collection of materials related to children.
  • Establishment and execution of fundamental plans for the education on folk culture related to children.
  • Education and proliferation of folk culture related to children.
  • Management and operation of the experience-learning center for children.
  • Runs the travelling museum program for children.
  • Runs educational programs for underprivileged children, handicapped children, and children from multicultural families.
  • Development and distribution of educational materials on folk cultures related to children.
  • Exchanges and cooperates with domestic and overseas institutions in the area of education related to children.
  • Other issues on the promotion of folk cultures related to children.