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Title The Mysterious Village
Period August 17, 2022 ~ October 11, 2022
Venue Special ExhibitionⅠ, NFMK Seoul

<The Mysterious Village> is an exhibition of immersive digital videos of various deities in old folktales.

Gods have always been with people and listened to their wishes for peace, health, good harvest, and big catch. The roles of gods and deities such as Jangseung (Village Guardian Posts), Sotdae (Sacred Poles), Sansin (Mountain God), Gasin (Household Deities) that protect a home, the Ten Dukes and Jeoseungsaja (Messenger of the Afterworld) associated with death, and Yongsin (Dragon God) and Dokkaebi (Goblin) related to the people's livelihood are vividly expressed by utilizing a variety of visual technologies and sound effects, as well as people's wishes contained in them.

We invite you to where magical stories unfold: the village of gods. We hope that this special allows visitors to have a fun time with gods, who have always been around.

Poster- The Mysterious Village

Jangseung and Sotdae Protect Their Town

Most Jangseung (Village Guardian Posts) and Sotdae (Sacred Poles) stand at the village entrance. The posts are believed to drive off evil spirits, illness or catastrophe that could enter the village, and the duck perched up on a such a pole symbolizes abundance and fertility. The posts protect the village with glaring eyes and the ever-watchful duck on the sacred pole cries with a thunderous roar.

Sansin Gives Peace

Sansin (Mountain God) is the highest deity in the village and maintains peace in the village and people's fortunes.
The mountain where this god resides is deemed sacred, and the mountain god ritual is an important ritual in the village. Mountain god takes on many forms such as a tiger, old man, or old woman. Please follow the tiger's footprints deep into the mountain and look for the god to find peace.

Jeoseungsin Works Together with the Death

Do you believe in the afterlife? What kind of place is it and which god rules over it? Experience this with Jeoseungsaja (Messenger of the Afterworld) who leads the path to the afterworld, Sip Daewang(Ten God of the afterworld) who judge an individual's lifetime deeds, and Baekgangaji(Guide of way back to this world) that guides the way back to this world. Experience a spine-chilling feeling and appreciate ordinary but real life.

Gasin Protect Their Home

Many household deities such as Seongju (House Guardian God), Jowangsin (Kitchen God), Samsin (Goddess of Childbirth), Teoju (Land Tutelary God), Eop (God of Property), and Cheuksin (Outhouse Deity) reside throughout a house like on the floor, in the kitchen, main bedroom, backyard, and toilet. They build the house, make a fire in the furnace, bless the household with children, or protect the family wealth, housing site, and toilet. They each have a unique appearance (or divine body). Touch each deity's divine body in different parts of the house to experience their stories.

Yongsin Brings Rain

Yongsin (Dragon God) is believed to be a water deity. Because of water's critical importance in farming culture, the creature is the object of a rain-making ceremony. The scene of a blue dragon and a yellow dragon waking up on the Great Dragon Flag, bringing clouds, and making rain reflects people's wishes for good crop growth and a bountiful harvest.

Dokkaebi Returns with a Big Catch

A saying goes that a Dokkaebi (Goblin)'s light appearing from the sea (or on mud flats) is a sign of a big catch. People usually went up a high hill on the last night of the year to look for such a light to decide which spot would bring a good catch. So look for a goblin's light. Just looking at the scene of the mud flat flickering with the light filling up with seawater and a school of fish will warm the heart.

Date 2022-08-17
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