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Title Father's Love
Period 2024-04-30 - 2024-07-15
Venue Special Exhibition Hall Ⅱ (NFMK Seoul)


At some point, we notice that our fathers’ backs, which had seemed so big, have grown rounded.
We are sometimes ignorant of his life, forget how he raised us, and sometimes frustrated with his excess of diligence.
Our fathers were not born fathers. They were once boys, and then young men.
What kind of lives did our fathers lead?

This exhibition was organized to offer an opportunity to reflect on the quiet love of our fathers who have always stood by our side, whether they were taciturn and stern, or affectionate and like a friend. As times have changed, so have fathers. The more patriarchal society of the past required stern fathers, and their economic roles pushed them to focus on their lives in society. Despite any changes, however, fathers have always existed. When we become fathers ourselves, we come to realize somewhat that our fathers’ reticence was also a form of love.

Fathers have stood firm and strong for their families for many years. Is the present a reflection of a dream that he had in the past yet had forgotten, having to fulfill his role as a father? Or is it something else? We wonder what our fathers’ dream may have been.

Date 2024-04-29
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